Sixth Generation (6G) Wireless Networks: A disappointment? 

Concept of 6G 

It is the sixth generation of mobile communication 

standard and it has been reported to be at least a 100 

times faster than 5G which could achieve top speeds 

of 10Gb/s theoretically. The goal of the 

development of this technology is to connect the 

world more thoroughly and to give smart devices, a 

closer to real-time experience. Imagine if a surgeon 

could just perform surgeries on their patients from a 

long distance by using this technology with the help 

of real time holograms and virtual environment. The 

tools, all synced in real time to help the surgeon 

make precise surgical methods. Sounds like a sci-fi 

fantasy right? Well it is and let me tell you why. 

Why are the useful advantages of these technologies not 

available yet? 

When it was just a concept, 5G seemed like something 

just out of the future and the whole world was hyped up 

for its arrival. There was a trade war between the U.S and China for the tremendous economic benefits of this technology. Everyone is aware of the destruction caused by the tussle between these two powerhouses. Reportedly, both countries have earned more than a 500 Billion USD from this venture and the race has now shifted towards achieving 6G. 

Now let me tell you what happened when 5G came out. 

All devices that could support 5G got a price hike of 

about 300$ each. The reason was mainly to install 

enough receivers to avoid data disturbance due to 

blockage caused by physical objects. Mobile phone 

companies had the most to earn out of this technology 

and they did. 5G became a power symbol and people 

started upgrading their phones in hopes of getting this 

technology and they were embarrassed when they got the 

results. 5G companies put a cap on the download speeds 

because of the insufficient data packages. Upload speeds 

of 5G are still not available since the companies decided that their systems could not handle such speeds bi-directionally and so, they used regular 4g uploading speeds for it because why not? Most authors on this subject agree that the world was not ready for 5G yet owing to the fact that over 95% of the countries

could not even install 4G services properly and the 3rd world countries were even worse comparatively. Real time connectivity was a failed concept if the world could not even afford it. All that money in the pockets of the 5G companies and exactly how did this technology help in the health, education and other public sectors? Almost none 

Why is it that 5G technology failed to be integrated into 

the public sector of most of the countries? It is because 

economy was preferred over true connectivity and the race 

for sales led to price hikes the common man could not 

afford and this led to the technology being under 

implemented in a lot of areas unable to function properly. 

All the other uses except for the internet services on a 

mobile device were thrown away because they were not 

going to bring this much business to the stakeholders. 

What does all of this have to do with a technology a 100 times faster than this one? The hardware to support this property will not be ready until 2027 according to conservative estimates. If 4G, an older technology was not implemented properly, who is to say that 6G will. The disappointment attached with this technology will be that it is way ahead of its time and maybe more efforts need to be made in order to normalise the previous technologies first.