The Men in Black

With shiny black shoes, neatly pressed trousers, pinstripe shirt, and a neatly shaven beard- the man in black steps into the room. Before we begin describing Will Smith, it is important that we stop here and discuss the importance of dressing neatly and professionally.

Whatever clothes you usually wear at important events, weddings or religious holidays are usually not the type of clothes you wear at an interview or in the workplace. Most men only have a couple of suits and one pair of office shoes. It is a must that the moment you graduate – you buy yourselves 5 outfits that are basic or staple outfits that can be worn at the office. These 5 outfits are for 5 different days of the week. These need to be top quality and very well put together. They should not be unusual colors or too closely matched. They should have the future potential to be mixed and matched with others on different days of the week. This way you may are buying 5 outfits but can actually create at least 15 outfits with mix and matching them over the week.