A Peek intoThe Future:BMW i3 Urban Suite

                                                                                                        Waliya khan


BMW this year brings out the first car of its sub-brand ‘i’ in the Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas.  BMW has been known for its driver centric, powerful sedans from its series 1-8 to its well-built speedy sportscars. This year it decided to take it up a notch by combining its luxury segment with its electric car segment to create a new model. Thismodel not only serves as an example of a sustainable lifestyle butis also a sign offashion with its urban suite concept.

The sustainability comes from the recycled materials, certified forest woods and olive tanned leathers used in various components in the car like the seat fabric, wooden interior and mats. The fashion aspect comes from the additional, altered features incorporated in it to embed an ambience of a ‘relaxed boutique hotel’.





The car is sleek with 157-inch length, so that it can easily maneuver through traffic. Inner space contains a driver seat and a plush passenger seat positioned in the rear of the car, that is quite spacious with four-feet legroom and a wooden desk beside the seat. BWM tailored this car exclusively to its customers’ needs with battery sources along the desk and built in Wi-Fi so that it’s literally a mobile workspace, or more like a business style contemporary batmobile,nowyou can be less envious of batman.


While it serves as a great workspace, it is also filled with equal level of entertainment due to a set of buttons in the remote to control a drop-down TV from the car’s ceiling, helping you to catch-up on all the shows and series. The sound system is set with cutting-edge technology, the sound bubbles from this system only reach the passenger hence giving the driver a noiseless environment. It even carries custom storage, needed by its target customers, like clothe hanger, storage space behind the driver’s seat for tech-gadgets.




Business Model


The model of this car is made to cater an executive levelcustomer like managers, celebrities and artists that due to the busy schedules can catch up on their work without a break while experiencing a first-class pleasant journey. This model might not look very practical or fit forsome, but BMW is expected to launch this model for ride hailing services, where a chauffeur/driver would take you to your destinations. This idea combined with is executive target audience has a potential of successful future for both the consumers and the brand.


Some of the criticism it has received is due to its practicality in terms of driving longer distances or out of city. The luxury it provides loses appeal when passengers have to wait for the electric car to charge on the drive. Only 20 prototypes have been made yet and the brand hopes for innovating this model further to give the customers a complete personal experience with no drivers and the car driving itself to the destinations. So, this technology might not be everyone’s cup of tea when thinking about buying a car, but it has certainly opened avenues to more ideas for commuting. Who knows? Maybe mobile cabins as a ride hailing service are in the near future.