What is The Hive?
The Hive has been inspired by the honeybee habitat. All bees go through a stage of metamorphosis within the beehive, passing through the egg, larval and pupal stages before becoming adults. These adult honeybees eventually begin to perform specialized tasks for their colonies. This is analogous to the purpose of our blog. The Hive will serve as a cultivating ground for its members to portray their ideas, thoughts and even research, to evolve into specialized members of the society through expert feedback from the community, all using blogs only. This is what makes The Hive unique and groundbreaking in Pakistan. Most students should be hooked to it as the topics covered for now are related to education, entertainment and technology. The Hive is a research project being executed by our Center for Digital Humanities at ITU whose area of research lies in convening the learned and the learner.
Team Members

Dr. Sameen Motahhir

Director, Centre for Digital Humanities

Tazeen Bokhari

Editorial Board

Faseeh Tauqeer

Research Associate

Khawaja Nouman Shahid

Composer – IT

For Feedback, please email us at: hive@itu.edu.pk