Activision recently announced their new multiplayer Call of Duty with the title “Cold War” as the name suggests the time period of the game is set in 1968 to 1981. Activision launched their alpha version for PlayStation 4 exclusive and beta version for all platforms, honestly this is a great way to improve their game with reviews and along with that show the gamers what is in store for them.
The time is set from 1968 to 1981, but honestly the gameplay is according to the time period. It does not feel that you are playing with old equipment or guns. The killstreak were way ahead of time and rather being a slow stealthy mission giving us the theme of “Cold War” the killstreak were way too realistic and fast. All the modes that were offered in the alpha and beta version were too fast paced and blazing battle right off the bat.
The game animation was sometimes slow so it was difficult to aim a running target across the maps. The enemy came too close to rotate and aim fast enough although I thought that my sensitivity was low but again it felt sluggish after tweaking with the sensitivity setting. It seems very unrealistic that the game
animation is slow in the blazing
battle modes. It was not only
me, I also heard for other
players too about the slow
animation regarding grenade
throwing. While the grenade is
cooking to be thrown and when
to throw the grenade the
animation also takes time, during that time the grenade explodes on your own face. Although I felt the game was slow, others enjoyed the animation. I just hope they pace the animation with the fast paced game.
The vehicles are really fun to use,
are really easy to operate and come
with an attached gun, with it you
can shoot long distance targets
while moving. The sniping was
great or rather too easy, there is a
lot of debate that the sniper should
be nerfed a bit. The sniper has a
fast fire rate and has little flinch when getting hit. Along with the
big map support the use of sniper as they give the players advantage using a sniper over any other gun. But every gun has its own perks, by leveling up like in Modern Warfare the gun opens up new attachments that you can customize your gun to your liking. The characters seem to move faster and the slide is a bit longer giving an old arcade feel.
In the end it is Call of Duty, so just look forward to the new multiplayer game, the beta version gave us just a piece of what is about to come with many different modes. We just have to wait till the full game is released on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One on November 13, 2020 to see the final version.

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