Critical Review PS5

Ahmed Sheraz

To begin, let’s deal with the elephant in the room first, PS5’s size. To call PS5 comparatively
larger than previous consoles I believe is an understatement. Obviously compared to big leds,
it’s size isn’t apparently noticeable however It is still a 40cm massively huge console that
anyone would ever even heard of before. Next thing that catches the eyes is it’s unique futuristic
spaceship like design, I believed that in order to pack up huge amounts of features and
optimization it’s size became unnerving therefore they decided to at least give it an appealing
look and in my opinion and they absolutely succeeded at it.

No doubt that whatever PS5 lacks in subtly it more than makes up for it in potential. Backward
compatibility was the exciting feature that might have been behind all the hype that this new
technology brought. PS4 games can be played. There is a method to copy previous data
however for me personally, attaching the external hard drive of PS4 games is easiest. Hardware
analysis can’t be completed without mentioning the switch from traditional hard drive to this
generation SSD. This long-awaited switch has made a huge difference for people who have
been tired of waiting for the loading screens gradually moving in inches towards completion.
However ironically, this lightning fast SSD is also a cause for a major problem in this console,
usable space. On the box it may say 825GB but that translates to 664GB of usable space
meaning users will only have 664GB of spaces for PS5’s games and that’s it. To rub salt in our
wounds, PS5 also doesn’t allow moving games to any external hard drive, new games means
deletion of previous games if storage is full.
However I still believed that SSD and backward compatibility would be the defining feature of
this console, however it really is the dual sense controller. Playing the game Astro’s playroom,
the haptics and adaptive triggers of the controller really shines. Developers of the games have a
ridiculous amount of control over them. When you are walking,each floor has it’s on unique feel
of vibration and my favourite one is the tiny vibration when you have an umbrella on and it’s
raining. These vibrations are subtle enough that they aren’t noticeable all the time but immersive
enough that it will undoublety put a smile on your face. Adaptive triggers are not much different
if you are firing a bow, there will be increased tension when you are pushing, and in some
moments of the games triggers will even fight back which is a delightful experience to say the
least. There are so many wonderful things that this controller could do that it’s difficult to
describe and mention all of them, to really be in awe of this genius technology, only
experiencing those features will do.

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