Ahmad Malik

Cyberpunk 2077 is consider most anticipated game of this decade and also9 the most delayed one until now. Because it first has to launch in April and then September and now November end. They also mentioned that everything is ready but do not know why they keep on delaying it. It was announced back in 2012 but hope it released soon. Actually this game is popular because of Keanu reeve aka Johnny silver. He has his role in the game as like mentor or some type of side character in game. In addition, game is very big and very interesting because we can see the future and present both in game like people drive wheel cars as well flying cars. So this means it is not very futuristic or completely out of this world. When trailer was launched, critics criticize it by the name of “in the skin of GTA” but it brings completely new things.

Starting from the character, your character will a mercenary in game and you can design or customize your character according to you need. You can drive cars fire futuristic weapons and do hacking stuff. There are weapons like EMPS or pulsar etc. that rather made it look much more futuristic. You can chose from three general classes, which is nomad, street kid and corpo. This will bring completely new stories and different backgrounds to your character. You can also customize the characters reflexes, intelligence, body, technical ability etc. fighting style in this game has inspired by the batman: arkham city in which you can decide how to kill enemy or sack up the body. There is also street cred, which is your reputation in the game like in watchdogs. You can also earn money by robbery or doing jobs and fighting underground boxing matches.

Graphics of this game is pretty much for normal gaming experience. They include extra details as well as environmental particles to the game. In addition, they use bright shiny colors in the game to make it look more futuristic.
In my view, this game is not any new thing in the market but how they merge the future and present, which is extraordinary. Making open world games more open and portray futuristic things is great. It is kind of like mixture of watchdogs, GTA and far cry to me. This game is heavily show blood, prostitution and poverty related crimes, which I think not suitable for under 18 which is bad thing about this.

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