Abdullah Fahad

Recently, on 25 th September, the new Fitbit Sense with a lot of new and amazing features was launched
for the public to pre order. It is available online in two colours: Carbon/Graphite Stainless Steel & Lunar
White/Soft Gold Stainless Steel. Both the colours are available for $330.
The new Fitbit Sense is equipped with a very powerful battery which can last upto 6 days on a single
charge. Also it has the option of fast charging which saves a lot of time if one is on a busy schedule.
The main feature that makes it different from a ton of smartwatches already available in the market is
its EDA (electrodermal activity) sensor. It is the first watch in the world to use EDA sensor to manage
stress of the person wearing it. Also, its in-built ECG heart-rate tracking technology when combined with
the accompanying ECG app, produces very accurate results. The new FitBit Sense also has an inbuilt
temperature sensor which can easily identify and indicate through its features if the user has fever.
During the recent Covid-19 times, any patient suffering from Corona, usually needed to constantly
monitor the SpO2 levels i.e Blood Oxygen level to monitor if the patient’s lungs are working normally or
not. This led to a shortage of SpO2 sensing devices in the market. The new FitBit Sense also solved this
problem. It has a built in Blood Oxygen Sensor which constantly monitors the blood oxygen saturation
levels of the user and indicates if the levels get below the required values. Another feature that makes it
very useful for the females is the FitBit’s ability to track and keep the record of user’s menstrual cycle.
The FitBit Sense comes with a classic wristband (in two sizes), and a charging cable. The band is made of
a flexible material which makes it very ideal for its use as a sports watch. To turn it into more elegant
looking watch, users have the option to install the aluminium band and buckle which needs to bought
separately from the official FitBit stores. It is advised by the company that if the user gets sweat on
his/her wrist while wearing the watch, it should be removed and completely dried before putting it back
on the wrist. Its elegant design makes it an ideal watch to wear at all times., and the different clock faces
that can be selected from the settings make it more convenient to customize the design.