Game Review ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

‘Suckerpunch’ released a beautiful game in the mid of this year ‘ Ghost of Tsushima’.
A game which is a heaven for open world game lovers. I happen to play this game as well and
honestly I loved it. Some say this is Assassin’s creed Japan but I think it is way more better and
different from the former, as this game has one of the best user rating of all time.
Starting with the complex and detailed narrative of this game. In 13th century Mongols invaded
Japan, which is true as it happened in history but our main focus is on Tsushima an island
which is part of Japan. Players play as ‘Lord Sakai’, who is leader of a clan and is one of the few
Samurai warriors left who can rise up against the Mongol invasion. Progressing further Jin (Lord
Sakai) is forced to break his Samurai code of honor and become a ghost.
Now let us move forward on gameplay without wasting any time on the story. Graphics are
astounding and provided that there is no HUD/minimap makes the game unique and beautiful.
With no minimap to we use the wind to guide us by swiping up on touch pad, this feature of
swiping on touch pad is attractive and I never saw it on any game before. Gameplay is smooth
and camera angles are gorgeous, some people may argue that the angles sometimes get
awkward and hinder vision but that happens very rare. They are two types of cutscenes,major
and minor but both them are spectacularly made, with graphics that are almost movie like. You
never get bored from playing this game, there is always something new to do, unlock and learn.
Combat is amazing giving you a wide array of options weapons and stances to fight with. The
admirable part is that you are given a choice either to standoff and face your enemy like a brave
Samurai or fight like a ghost quietly assassinating your foes. Main quests, side missions, mythic
tales, side tales and activities, you name it, there is a lot to do in this game and honestly for a
game which is less than 50 GB this is a lot.
But nothing is perfect, we will now touch on the negative aspects. There are some serious but
very few glitches in the game. Enemy AI are predictable which can make your experience
boring and frustrating. There are some flaws in stealth mechanics, enemy AI can be easily
tricked sometimes. Repetition, but this is not a serious problem because there is not a single
good open world game out there that does not have repetition. This game is not realistic or
close to being realistic, because before playing this game I played ‘ Red Dead Redemption 2’ a
game that is said to be the most realistic game ever made in the history of video games and I
immediately noticed the problem. Last but not least there are no multiple endings.
In the end I would like to say this game is masterpiece and ‘Suckerpunch’ did a great job, but
still everyone and everything has defects. It is not possible to create a game which has no
downsides or to create a game that everyone likes.