Ground News


Ground News is a news comparison platform to check out the biasness in the news.A NASA engineer Harleen Kaur tied her shoe laces to go on the mission to reveals the favoritism and started building this platform in 2018. The main aim of itwas to show people which news has what level of biasness. Hidden bias can misleads and divides people and can cause serious issue in the society.


Ground News collects news data from bigger social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Redditetc. and 50,000+ news websites like BBC news, The New York Times etc. When you open a link or see a new link at any place you will usually see three percentages at the corner of the link stating the biasness level through this platform.



But I think the way the product shows the biasness is biased. The percentage it reflects at each political news is only determined by the source of the news plus which other channels has been published news like this.


Though, the purpose of the product is great to bring reality to the people by showing the biasness level. But I think it further create another round of the biasness. The product just categorizes the sources let’s say Government favorite or not and then states the bias percentage based on the sources. The thing is, even if the news is right and biasness is not there enough but since it is from a specific source (which is already categorized a biased source) it automatically shows high percentage biasness. This way of presenting things is not good. It is the same like you have stamped a source as a biased permanently and the news will always be biased from it.


One thing, I liked about it is that you get the different sources through which that news is published and you can simply jump to the specific news page of the source with one-click. You don’t have to Google it and search for all the sources. Second, you can filter out the sources instantly through logos and can land to the specific news channel page which you want to read. It saves enough time as you can quickly pick the platform through its logo than the reading website address on Google search.




Ground News needs to come up with the new and better way of categorizing the sources. The sentiment analysis of the news through AI and the historical sentiment analysis of the source based on the content can help to determine the biasness level.