Home security at another level but is it secure?

The research & development in technology during the past two decades take this world to another level and it makes us more tech-savvy. Nowadays we are surrounded by tech gadgets and we are using different technologies in our daily life routine. Amazon is one of the biggest tech giants in the industry and it still spending a lot on its R&D. Amazon’s Ring division currently announced that they are going to launch a camera that can go anywhere in your house and according to Amazon it is “an innovative new approach to always being home”. The idea behind this is simple. Instead of installing cameras in every room of your house just buy a single flying security camera. It will take the system of home security to another level, but the question is, is it secure enough?

We know, people want to secure their homes but the solution that brings other security issues with it doesn’t seem to be fit. “Ring Always Home Cam” will build the danger of digital protection. Suppose if a hacker attacks the Ring’s network, he/she can easily access your activities. Hackers will know about your every move. Isn’t it a greater threat? It very well may be extremely risky because you think you are protected however in the long run not. I know it is not as simple, but nothing is impossible. I think the idea of introducing the flying security camera sounds good, but we must think about its threats, otherwise, it could result in a disaster, because the security issues are something that can’t be neglected. I’m also a bit curious about, how this security drone cam work in a real-life scenario because I have a question at the end, just to keep an eye on the indoor activities why do I need to spend $250? I could have a trained dog instead of it.

I know security issues need to be resolved but they should be resolved more securely because in one way, technology reducing the security risk of the assets or tangible things but in another way, it is putting the privacy of people at high risk. The privacy concern is a big issue, Amazon has been already collecting our data through Alexa. The only thing they don’t have is our live expressions or videos. By connecting this drone cam, they could even know every detail about us. So, the question here is, how these tech giants, like Amazon, make sure that the customer’s privacy will not be at risk by using these products?