iPhone 12


Last month Apple launched its new line of iPhone, the highly anticipated iPhone 12 lineup, with four different models. The lineup consists of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro max. As compared to the previous years, this year’s Apple’s iPhone launch was a little delayed, but was the iPhone 12 worth the worth?

The biggest news at the iPhone 12 launch was 5G; iPhone launched it’s the first-ever line of smart phones with 5G. All iPhone 12 models support 5G, which has fast speeds for downloading. However, this isn’t something to be excited about as of yet, as it’s still too soon for 5G. 5G isn’t that widespread in the US, and it hasn’t even reached some parts of the world.

Besides the 5G, Apple’s new iPhone 12 isn’t much different from last year’s iPhone 11. Apart from a new chip and some updated camera features; there isn’t anything new that the iPhone 12 is offering, which the iPhone 11 doesn’t already have, that too at a much lower price. The camera for both the iPhone 12 and 11 is the same; however,  iPhone 12 has some newly added features, including an improved night mode camera but, these features don’t make such a difference in the pictures so, there is nothing major happening on the new iPhone 12. Moreover, both the iPhones have the same refresh speed, and there isn’t any real improvement in the battery either. The price however, not so similar. This year’s starting price for the iPhone 12 is $799, which is much higher compared to the starting price for the iPhone 11 last year, which was £699. The new iPhone 12 isn’t worth the price they’re offering; in $799, you get only 64GB of storage and as you up the storage the price increases making the iPhone even more expensive.

As for the design of the new iPhone, it seems like Apple is running out of new ideas. Instead of innovating the design, Apple is moving back in time and has brought back the design from 2013. Yes, the iPhone 12 lineup has a similar design as the iPhone 5, with the same flat edges; the edges, however, this time are polished aluminum edges. The new iPhone 12 has a much sleeker look and is much lighter as it has less volume; it comes in some new colors and has an OLED display, unlike the LCD on last year’s iPhone 11. It also has a ceramic shield screen, which makes the iPhone more durable.

Another major drawback is what comes along with your iPhone; what in the iPhone box. This year Apple announced that to be environmentally friendly, they’ll be reducing the size of the iPhone boxes. To do this, Apple decided to remove the adapter and the EarPods from the iPhone box. Apple claims that in this way, they’ll be saying 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions. They argue that everyone already owns an adapter, so what’s the point of adding one. However, this is just plain stupid, and I see it as a way of making more profit. There are many ways they can be more environmentally friendly without compromising the customer experience. The iPhone 12 is already way overpriced for the features it offers, and now alongside that, one will have to buy an adapter and EarPods separately, which both cost $19 each.

For someone who already owns an iPhone 11, there is no point in buying the new iPhone 12 because all you’ll be getting is a fancier design with the same features, but for a much higher price, and you won’t be getting any adapter or EarPods. However, for someone who has a much older iPhone model and has a high budget, the iPhone 12 isn’t that much of a bad choice; it’s a pretty solid choice but, if you’re considering getting the new iPhone 12 just for the 5G and a fancier design, trust me it isn’t worth it.


Noor Fatima