Oculus Quest 2: TRUE VR

About six years ago, Google released The Google Cardboard a device that will turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset for a fraction of the cost of the other VR headset and this made VR very assessable to  the masses.

Many other brands like Samsung, LG also began to make their version of the headset using their smartphones. This however changed how people viewed VR, many people got motion sick other experienced blurry images and most of all wearing a front heavy headset was not comfortable. Giving VR a bad reputation.


In this Quarintine life it is the perfect time to experince true VR. This is where the Oculus Quest 2 comes in, a $299 standalone VR headset. The headset is light, has a 90Hz high refresh screen and a poweful processor to accomany it. It is $100 dollar cheaper than its predessesor(Quest 1) and is a major improvement over it in all the aspect, this is lighter, the the controllers battery last longer, it has 6Gb ram as compared to 4Gb, better and faster display, and Snapdragon XR2 instead of Snapdragon 835. What this translate to  no more crashing on games like VR chat room ,  you don’t have to change the  AA batterys each week and sharper and smoother gaming experince overall.

We now that it is better than its predecessor, so why the price cut? It is not without compromises, unlike the Quest 1 it does not come computer link cable and the more comfotable headstrap which cost extra.The speakers sound tinnie but it has a headphone jack so we can always plug in a headset, titles like VR chat room suffers from bugs but no longer crashes. That’s it!

Now the real why should you buy one? VR has never been this cheap and acessable at the same time, Quest is super easy to use unlike the more expensive haedset found in malls and arcade. With a very user friendly interface and controllers it is just very easy to get into it and spend hours into the virtual world. The high resfresh rate sharp screen means there is no more motion sickness which along with its light weight means that each session is comfortable and not a headache like smartphone VRs. It has a variety of App selections from games to streaming services and many others. Titles like beat saber and super hot are amongs the best titles Quest has to offer and the execution is perfect with this set as it does not lose tracking of its controller because the four cameras placed on each corner. To play more demanding game you can always connect this a PC and experince breath taking games like Half-life Alyx and no mans sky.

I believe that Quest is a device that will introduce people to the real VR experince and it is step into the right direction. This device will help bring the lost reputation of VR and more development in this area.