Poco X3 – The Phone of the Year?

Asad Ullah Baig

Two months since its launch, Xiaomi is adamant on making the phone a global success.
Highlighted by a remarkable first sale experience, it was able to sell 10,000 times in under 30
minutes on AliExpress.
Specifications and Design
Priced at around 250 Dollars or 40,000 Pakistani Rupees, Poco X3 seems like a typical mid-tier
budget phone. However, the specifications on the set, speak another story. Sporting a
Snapdragon 732 G, a staggering 120Hz refresh rate, a 64MP Quad Camera set, and a long-
lasting battery power of 5160 mAh, the phone has all but left critics baffled. It’s based on
Android 10, the latest version available in the market, and hence, begs the question; WHAT IS
The design is sleek too, with the POCO logo, vertically placed in the middle of a linear, darker
shade that covers the Quad Camera. Granted the back is plastic, but that is to be expected,
given the plethora of other specifications that simply defy the price point. Even the 8nm
chipset, supporting the powerful Snapdragon 32, is an upgrade from previous flagships. And
while we have stumbled upon flagships, is it safe to call the phone a Budgeted Flagship, the first
of its kind? Let’s find out!
Dissecting the Poco x3’s Proponents
Although the camera is 64 MP Quad, it actually only sports three cameras and the fourth slot, is
simply a flashlight. The macro camera has a certain amount of detail, but the phone struggles in
capturing pictures in a darker space. Expected? Makes sense? My thoughts exactly!
However, this is where the real catch comes in. The phone has an annoying little built-in
function that can drive the calmest people insane with the constant nagging. Yes, the phone
has ADS. BUILT-IN ADS. You want to install that cool new reminders application? Oh, wait! Why
don’t you watch an ad first! You want to delete that application now because it turned out to
be a disappointment? Oh, wait! Why don’t you watch this totally unrelated advertisement first!

Justifies the price point, cheapens the experience. Even more disheartening is that it cheapens
the experience it promised. It points towards corporate trickery, and the problem is, the story
doesn’t end here. The price point is actually supposed to be an early bird discount and the retail
price is expected to increase up to 50 more dollars.
The point is, these things are not new. They exist, they happen, but they’re communicated. It’s
like you buy insurance and then there are multiple hidden charges which make you curse out
your company every time you find one.
The Poco x3 is not exactly our Phone of the Year, with the built-in ads and sub-par cameras.
However, it still promises a beast of a hardware experience and still manages to exceed
expectations at such a price point.