Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung in the recent years have been thriving to introduce new cutting-edge technologies, to disrupt the market. Without any doubt, they have been quite innovative throughout this decade with launch of phones such as note 10 & 20, S10 & S20, introducing ultrasonic fingerprints, face recognition interface, gestures, notch displays, Bixby and many other technologies. But for now, we will be discussing the launch of extra-ordinary Samsung flip, a device neatly designed to be a high-speed machine while being portable & small in size.


I recently bought the Z Flip and will be evaluatingits pros & cons in detail. Firstly, the very first thing you consider when buying a product is its price, it cost me around 248,000 PKR excluding the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s Compliance tax which is almost 32,000 for such devices. So, the cost for a complete device will be around Rs. 280,000 which in my opinion Is quite high as you can get a IPhone 12 pro within 250,000 and our culture in Pakistan vows toward the status and class and everyone knows iPhone is the symbol of class & wealth.




Exploring the other features of Z flip, I found 5 interesting aspects


  1. Exciting & innovative way of handling the camera:


the flip mechanism working very well for the camera operation. In the half-folded position, the screen is split into two, with half being used for settings and adjustments, and the other half for viewing and composition and since the other side is not used for framing of the picture, one can use it for better grip over the phone. The camera is simple & beautiful with neat & clear pictures, much superior than S20 & for the first time competing with the IPhone.


  1. Small Display at the front


The secondary display is on the front of the phone when it is folded, it is mostly used to view time, which is always visible on the screen. Makes the phone more precise and easy to use for the consumer. It also shows the battery remaining and manifests the symbol when plugged to charger.


  1. Converting your phone into a small laptop


The most tempting feature for me was that whenever you didn’t want to use the phone and are tired you put your phone aside laying straight on table etc. but in this marvellous phone you can flip it and turn it into a small laptop, making it easier for you to watch videos, or use it while not holding it at the same time.


  1. The feel


The feel Samsung z flip provide is futuristic. It makes you feel 5-10 years ahead of the society and other smartphone categories. The looks and texture of phone while flipping is extraordinary.



  1. The Small & portable size


Being smaller in size, the phone is easier to handle, taking it in and out of the pocket, as your fingers can easily wrap around the phone securely, in comparison to larger sized phones that can be a lot more slippery. It also fits in great being flipped into half the size.