Following the long line of predecessors, Samsung has added a new edition to their S series family of phones. The Samsung S series has been one of the best phones that Samsung has launched, and each phone in this category has excelled in performance when they are launched. After releasing S10, Samsung left out some numbers and directly launched the latest addition to the S-series, S20. Samsung boasts multiple devices in the S20 series alone, including the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and a more recently released Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE). Even though the S20 might be cheaper as compared to its other variants, this device is still an expensive and a high-spec device. It seems Samsung’s approach to provide as many variations of a product at different price ranges is a strategy for them to maximize their profits. Despite all the different variations of the new S20 series products, it does not seem to boast that much of an improvement than last year’s S10 series.


Considering the features between the new S20 and the previous S10 version, there do not seem to be much of an improvement. In fact, the S20 actually removes certain features that most consumers consider a necessity- namely the headphone jack. Although it is true wireless headphones and earphones are becoming more and more mainstream, the new S20 series might possibly have benefitted more if they had kept it. Especially in such a large phone as the S20 or the S20+, it would have just as been easy to provide users with both options of connecting their wired headphones or connecting to their wireless devices via Bluetooth. Instead users with no wireless devices would now be forced to spend additional money in order to listen to their music.


S20 comes with the total of 5 colors; cosmic gray, cloud blue, cloud pink and cosmic black. Since I like my phones in the black color, I think the cosmic black on the S20 looks nice. Aesthetically, S20 looks and feels really nice as compared to the S10 or previous S-series phones. Another improvement that can be seen on the S20 is the smaller camera punch hole, which does not look as ugly as the camera punch hole on the S10.


Overall, comparing this year’s S20 series and last year’s S10 series, specific improvements are slight. The S20 is basically the S10 with removed features (like the headphone jack) and larger price tag. S