Subnautica: Below Zero

Ali Ahmed

“Subnautica: Below Zero” is the sequel to the hit game by Unknown world “Subnautica” that has been around for a few year now. The oceanic survival game had captivated its player with its thrilling, immersive and exploring gameplay which enforces the player to stay present minded as there are threats lingering around in the form of big carnivorous fish. It is no coincidence that the sequel would keep on a similar theme while introducing a new story and a few additional components. With its early access at the end of Jan 2019, “Below Zero” takes place a few years in the future after the protagonist(male: Ryley Robinson) of the original story line has already escaped the planet 4546B.
“Subnautica: Below Zero” introduces a new female protagonist “Robin” in a time when “Alterra” the organization that the previous protagonist was from has sent Robin’s sister “Sam” for an extraplanetary mission on planet 4546B. Alterra has sent Robin the news of her sister’s death in an accident and she decides to investigate what happened to her. Robin takes a passenger shuttle from someone by the name Col and enters with a meteor shower to be undetectable but her shuttle is hit by a meteor and she lands in region zero which can be seen in the original Subnautica when the player escapes in a rocket on the other side of the planet.
Below Zero introduces some interesting new features including new people and a woman named “Marguerite Maida” which was a crew mate of the original protagonist and disappeared in deep under waters or, so we were told through the crew logs. The game also introduces us to the last survivor of “The Architects” referred to as the precursors in the original game. The Architect we meet is called “Al-Ann” and Robin discovers him in a lab where he had transferred his consciousness to the data bank of that lab and requires a new storage system for which he transfers himself into Robin’s cerebral cortex. So, in Below Zero we get to play as Robin who can talk to Al-Ann inside her head as he guides her through out the story and we get to collect the parts of the old Architecture technology and fabricated parts for his new body so he can transfer his consciousness into it and be alive again. Below Zero answers the questions left by its predecessors about why the Architects with so much knowledge and technology fell pray the “Khara” bacterium and failed to cure themselves through the “Sea Emperor’s” enzyme while all they had to do was ask her. This sequel solves a lot of mysteries and introduces some new one that the player must solve throughout the game.
Below Zero introduces a number of new creatures in water and on land with quite a few terrifying leviathan class predators among which “Frozen Leviathan” has attracted a lot of players, it is 95 meter leviathan that is preserved in ice infected by Khara bacterium. We see a lab formed around the predator where Sam was most probably posted and it is speculated that approaching the end of the game we may get to see it break through the ice and haunt the snowy land of Below Zero. The game has reached its later development stages and soon will be fully available, till then players are enjoying the alpha version.