The Coming and Coming of AI

With the new wave of Artificial Intelligence in products, processes and educational courses, it is not difficult to imagine a world that is gradually being taken over with ideas and notions that are emulating the human mind. Without going into the definition of Narrow AI and General AI or Machine Learning, it is clear that trying to copy what are minds can do is becoming the new frontier. The coming of AI and of deep learning using units such as Google’s TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) has now given us the power to consume and run massive amounts of data. But no matter how much we moderate, translate and accelerate using deep learning- will we able to emulate feeling and random thoughts?

For the many who believe that human feelings can get in the way of progress, AI would have been a godsend. But for the many who believe that the whole idea of being human rests on the notion of abstract values that cannot be emulated by neural networks, AI is a problem and the mathematical decisiveness that we employ will affect how our social communities begin to evolve. This is a dilemma that still needs to addressed before it becomes too late.