The Last of Us 2

Ruhma Anjum 


I have always wanted to write about this specific topic, but I let it go because hate is not a good feeling. Last of us 2, the sequel of one of the best games ever released, coming out after seven years, you’ll think it’s something extraordinary, something mind-blowing, and it will give you the experience just like the one you felt when you played the first last of us. But it does not; it will provide you with the adventure that you never expected it to do. I will start with the only thing positive in the game, the graphics; they are amazing, the scenes and the view of the game are mesmerizing. It gives the feeling of a real post-apocalyptic world. I cannot say much about the gameplay because it is the same as the previous last of us with just little tweaks. The zombies’ artificial intelligence was sometimes hilarious, but it was the same as every other game; it could not have been perfect.

Now, the main point of this blog, the story of last of us 2. I will give a spoiler alert here because I cannot describe my feelings better without giving spoilers. We loved the special bond between Joel and Ellie in last of us, how he grew closer to her, and how he started loving her like his own daughter. The character development of both characters made the game unique; when I heard of the last of us 2, I thought we will get to see how that bond worked out and how their relationship is now. I did know that Joel was going to die, somewhere along the lines of saving Ellie and in a respectful way, and somewhat heroic. He told her never to trust strangers, and that is what he does in the last of 2. His actions were so out of character. He was the main character of the previous game, and the developers gave him death because he said his name and beating him to death with a golf stick by a character you have no idea about. That makes you instantly dislike the second main

character of the game.

I want to talk about the other NPC characters; besides Tommy (Joel’s brother), you do not know anyone, and it seems like the developers want you to care about them. They added an emotional scene before killing the character to give it some value, but it does nothing, because the characters’ actual screen time was of one hour or 2 maximum, in like a 20-plus hour game. Ellies’ love interest is Dina, another female character, but you sense no chemistry between them.Which results in you not caring about their relationship, giving Dina significantly less value. If they have written more scenes of why they are together and why they love each other so much, it would have been better.

And now we discuss Abby, the character that killed Joel with a golf stick. You play as her after 10 hours of Ellie and you feel like killing her immediately, and you must playas her for 10-15 hours. Writers wants you to feel sympathy for her to justify her acts. Joel killed her dad, which was an NPC character, and if we think about it that way, Ellie should hide somewhere because the son of the security guard she killed is on his way to kill her, or the gunman she killed, his wife is going crazy for revenge. They want you to feel for all the characters, Ellie killed to get revenge, but you cannot; it just does not happen. The storyline is so badly adjusted if they made you play as Abby before killing Joel to let you know about her a little bit to create some space in your heart for her. It would be so much better. But it is not that way, and the fact that you play as her is the worst thing ever. I have seen people stop playing that game at the point, skipping scenes and speed running, almost everything. Because we do not care enough to know if she is the right person or not, she killed your favorite character by torturing him to death. You cannot in any way negate that.

And lastly, Ellie. just how the writers portrayed her, we can say that she matured and grew up, but it felt like she lost herself along the way. In the first half of the game, she tries revenge but fails; she also regrets how she treated Joel because she realized he lied to her about the fireflies, fueling her revenge. And at the end of the game, she does it all over again, the same repetitive event of her finding Abby and killing people in order to get to her. shelet Abby go because she realized Joel would not want that. They also make Abby weak and unable to fight again to make you sympathize with her, and you finally do. But that ends the whole purpose of 20 hours of the game. In the end, Ellie is the one who is left alone because Dina left her, and she also cannot play guitar the only thing Joel left behind for her because Abby bit off her fingers. In the end, Ellie is the one who gets the sad ending, and the writer shows you how revenge is terrible. And it is hilarious because Ellie said that “she’s scared of ending up alone.”

It’s a great game on its own if there was no last of us 1, but there is, and I pretend that there is no sequel because of the way they ruined the whole thing for me.