Treble (Application)

The product/service is an app called Treble where you can watch videos, read books, attend workout sessions, and many more fun experiences virtually with your friends. The app is downloaded on more than 1000 devices and right now it is in its beta testing phase. Treble is a social app that creates space for you and your friends virtually and spends time with them by watching videos together on Youtube or any season on Netflix whenever you want. All the person is to do is create a personal room and add as many friends as you want and watch something while chatting with them.

Technological shift –Evident

If we see the shift in the way things are happening in the last years and the impact it is creating in the way we talk we communicate is due to the technology involvement. It is very difficult to tell whether this change is positive or negative for a person. Treble is making people more separated socially because people are not connected as they seem to be. One perspective is that apps like treble we stop the one factor in our relationships which is ‘intimacy’ with treble we think we have now authority and power to deal with everyone and do all the communications through these applications. The true relationships are now a bit shady because everyone is our friend online. At first, when I used treble I was so happy because I thought ow I will be able to connect with my friends whom I haven’t met in years but slowly I seem to realize that how these apps are changing me in person.

Due to the advent of mobile phones and laptops, we are so connected with the applications in our mobile phones and now we just connect with people and efforts and emotions are not considered as technology is playing a huge part as now we prefer to text rather than calling a specific person. We can’t deny the fact that Social Apps like treble have made life very easier as now we don’t have to talk face to face to people to inform them about anything rather we prefer texting.

As technology connects people in different ways and provides convenience as well. Things vary from person to person. According to a survey, 55% of millennials prefer text messages for day to day interaction with people for communication. Now millennials prefer to have online virtual venues to meet with friends.


Digital Communication  – Conclusion

Digital Communication increases the implications of lead because of the lastingness of data and the speed by which it ventures, however at the center, relationships appear to have similar key qualities most young people communicate through apps online regularly like treble offers with people they consider companions. So instead of decreasing closeness in these connections, innovation interceded correspondence may give extra advantages to teenagers as associations happen both vis-à-vis and on the web. The features that treble offers are liked by many due to the spectrum of features that are considered sophisticated by many.