What makes a University better?

When universities are created the most important aspect is the campus and the faculty. In other words, the where and the who of a university. This is what attracts the student. If the university has a good-looking campus the chances are the university is going to be on top of many students’ lists. If the university has a good and recognized faculty then many students flock to the university because they recognize the value of good teaching and learning from great minds.

Of many great universities that you will see in global rankings, most have great sprawling campuses, but there are many who have smaller and ill-structured places. MIT springs to mind and so do many Victorian Universities. These universities are primarily focused on great faculty and they are betting on the notion that students will overlook the shoddy campus experience and vote to come only for the faculty. In many cases that is true. So how does Pakistan fare? Do we have great campuses and do only those universities prosper? Not necessarily. In fact complaints against many top Pakistani universities are recorded even though they have sprawling campuses and good faculty. So where are the differences? A polling that was taken of students, suggested that student feedback, good management, good counselling services and quick resolution of student problems was rated as important as great faculty. What does this mean? Simply put- the difference between a good university and a great university is the collaboration of the administration and the faculty to make the university ‘experience’ as enjoyable and meaningful as possible for the student. It also means that students need to participate and take a keen interest in the well-being of the university and support each other- creating groups and societies- to create and encourage a great student culture.

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